Thursday, May 11, 2006

Damon Campbell Wins Award

Damon Campbell, a chemistry major and library student worker in the collection development department, received the College of Arts and Sciences Outstanding Student Award at an award luncheon May 11 in Davies Center. The ceremony was sponsored by the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Alumni Association. Congratulations, Damon!

Damon will be graduating this year and moving on to study medicine at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. He sums up his experiences working in the library as follows:

"Coming to UW-Eau Claire was the logical step towards continuing on with my goal of becoming a medical doctor. Upon arriving on campus my first year, I quickly set out to find employment so that I would be able to afford my education. Within the first few weeks, I was offered and accepted employment at an on campus cafeteria and at the McIntyre Library.

My first semester of college was a hectic time, balancing twenty credits, finishing a needlework tapestry piece for each of my grandmothers, and working 21 hours a week at my two jobs. It was during this time that I planned out the rest of my college courses and determined that I could graduate in three years with a chemistry degree if I took a considerable amount of credits each semester and continued to work hard.

This May I will be graduating after only three years with an A.C.S. Comprehensive Chemistry degree, a 3.98 GPA, two publications in respected scientific journals for biochemistry research I have done while an undergraduate, and an acceptance letter to the UW Medical School in Madison. Additionally, I had the honor of being the 2005-2006 “College of Arts and Sciences Outstanding Student.” I will always look back on (most) of my college career with fond memories, especially at my time spent working the McIntyre Library."

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