Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Happy Retirement, Bob!

Robert Rose, Director of Libraries at UW-Eau Claire for over eight years, retired last week (see University press release).

Bob led the library in an exemplary fashion through a period of transformation. He oversaw the changeover to a new integrated library system and weathered periodical cancellations, budget and staff cuts all with intelligence and grace, and never allowed the library’s quality of service to be diminished. His mark can be seen in the many changes which have taken place within the physical library building, including the installation of artwork, the addition of upholstered seating, the creation of an information literacy lab, the move and remodel of the IMC and the most recent reconfiguration of the library’s stacks and construction of a new Special Collections and Archives area on the library’s fifth floor. Many of these changes were undertaken at the behest of the library’s users, who he often championed and always listened to. This is no more obvious than in the improvements he made on behalf of disabled users, and the family friendly study room he created for our students with children.

Congratulations, Bob! We'll miss you!

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