Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine's Contest Winners

McIntyre Library wants to congratulate its How I Met My Valentine contest winners. First prize goes to AnnaRae Soderberg for her story "Falling Head Over Heels."

Runners up were: John Lydon (A Fishy Love Story) & Kim Vaughter (Practice Makes Perfect).

Thanks to all who participated. There were so many great entries and it was hard to pick just three.

A special thanks to Acoustic Cafe and Sammy's Pizza for donating runner-up prizes!

Read AnnaRae's story below, or go to the Facebook group to read the other stories.
It was the fall of 2005; my freshman year at UWEC. Since I needed to take a fitness credit, and I ran competitively in high school, I decided to take jogging class. It was the second week of class. On nice days we ran the fitness trail around the track located behind McPhee. I was running behind two guys, when all of a sudden one of them tripped on a tree root and fell right down to the ground. There is a saying, “be careful what you wish for,” which was the case for Joseph. His intent was to turn and talk to me, wishing to make a good impression. Instead, I laughed to myself and kept running. At the end of class we were required to enter the indoor track and run until all of the students got in from the trail. Well, once inside I passed the same guy that had fallen, so I said “Come on!” He ran with me and we started to talk. I found out his name was Joe. Later that day I went on good old Facebook and added him as a friend. A year later we started dating. On December 31, 2007 he proposed, and we will be getting married on June 20, 2009. We always laugh when we think back on how he literally “fell head over heels” for me! There is a song which states: the Lord will provide, but sometimes the blessing is in disguise. That tree root turned out to be our blessing in disguise.

UWEC jogging class was the beginning of our journey to finding our soul mates. Therefore, we would be especially honored if we win the contest. Not many couples can say a tree root in jogging class was the start of something so amazing!

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