Friday, September 18, 2009

New Exercise Room in McIntyre Library

Here at McIntyre Library we are not only concerned with building strong minds but we are now offering a way for students, faculty and staff to develop strong bodies also! In collaboration with the Crest Fitness Center we have established the "Mind and Body Fitness" room on the second floor of McIntyre Library (rm L2025). This room will allow everyone to take a little break from their busy work day or study time to get their heart rate up and take care of their bodies while relieving the stress of a very busy schedule. We have a stationary bike and an elliptical trainer in the room. The bike has a tray so that you can keep reading or studying while you get some aerobic exercise. This is a test project to see if a library has a role to play in an overall campus wellness program. The room will remain open during library hours and will operate on a first come first serve basis.


Hannah said...

That's an awesome idea! =)

Amber said...

what's opening time?

John Pollitz said...

The exercise room is open all of the hours that McIntyre Library is open. So during the week it opens at 7am.