Monday, November 16, 2009

Try out Reference Universe

The library has a service designed to help you find background or introductory information on your research topics.

Reference Universe allows you to search the library’s expensive specialized electronic and print reference collection in a much deeper way. Whereas library catalog searches offer title or subject heading access, Reference Universe searches the complete back-of-the-book indexes and article titles to over 16,000 reference works--then matches those to our local holdings. It offers a way to search the contents of the many specialized encyclopedias and other reference resources we offer. Give it a try! Access is available now (on campus) at


Dani the Dandelion said...

It was useless for finding any references for my nursing papers; maybe it's good for people who don't need professional peer reviewed medical information

Jill Markgraf said...

In response to your concern about finding nursing research. First, I might suggest you try the database Nursing Reference Center for nursing reference sources, such as drug guides, medical encyclopedia, patient information and much more. (You can find this through the "Find Resources" link on the library homepage). However, if you are looking for peer reviewed medical information, you probably want to use journal article databases rather than reference sources. CINAHL is the best bet for nursing (this can also be found through the "Find Resources" link). Feel free to contact the library; we're happy to help you find what you need.