Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Help those in need: Library fundraiser for the Hmong Mutual Assistance Association food pantry

It’s time again for the Library Staff Association fundraiser to benefit the Hmong Mutual Assistance Association food pantry. It’s been a difficult year economically speaking for most, and the HMAA and the people it serves are no exception.
Last year HMAA was able to serve 610 people who rely on the food pantry for their basic sustenance. The loss of federal funding this year has meant that the pantry must rely solely on donations. As a result, the HMAA has only been able to serve 290 people this year. Lack of funding during the past year has resulted in depleted food supplies, forcing the pantry to close its doors for several months due to a lack of rice to distribute. Winter is the season of greatest need, as families cannot rely on the harvest of their gardens during these months.
The library has held the fundraiser for more than a decade, raising thousands of dollars to purchase rice distributed to those in need through the HMAA, a social service agency that serves the local Hmong community by operating a food pantry and assisting in housing, employment and translating services. The agency also works with other area services to assist the local Hmong community.
Anyone is welcome to contribute to the library staff's project. Checks, made payable to McIntyre Library Staff Association, should be submitted by Dec. 16 to Dan Hillis in Room 5012 of McIntyre Library. Names of contributors will be included on a letter accompanying the donations. Contributors who wish to remain anonymous should make this preference known. Include an email address if you would like confirmation of the receipt of your contribution.
Because every penny goes to buying rice, even a small contribution can make a huge difference.

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