Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Poem-a-Day: "Invictus"

A poem selected by Jennifer Mackenzie, English 348:

"Invictus," by William Ernest Henley.

Read or listen:

“Invictus” is an empowering poem about self-determination and being undefeated. The word "invictus" itself means “unconquerable.” The important concept is we choose our paths and direct our own life. Indeed, we all feel weak and there is nothing to do but give up. “Invicuts” shares this moment of feeling totally defeated, that life has just thrown us astray. We choose to take on anything life throws at us, to give up, or to decide our destiny. “Invictus” shares this incredible self-strength and words of wisdom for when we all might feel we have reached our breaking point.
~Jennifer Mackenzie, UW-Eau Claire student, English 348

April is National Poetry Month! UW-Eau Claire students in English 348 (Topics in American Literature) are celebrating National Poetry Month with the McIntyre Library.

Featured poems will be listed here in the order they appear on the blog.

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