Wednesday, November 04, 2015

New Circulation Desk

It has been a season of change for the first floor of the library.  McIntyre has been utilizing the same counter space at the circulation desk for several decades.  With the reworking of the furniture and computers on the first floor, it was time to update the circulation desk to provide the same quality services in a more efficient and convenient space. 

The new desk was designed to create an inviting space for prospective and returning students alike, while also offering a consolidated, easy to find location for checkout services.  In addition, it has opened up space for a new TV lounge.  Library users can utilize the charging stations, the library’s tea and coffee cart, and enjoy a comfortable and modern space while studying or waiting for group members.

If you have not been to the library since construction, come check us out.

New Circulation Desk, Fall 2015
For a comparison to the circulation desk that you see today, this is what the circulation desk used to look like in 1994. The one that was replaced in 2015 was not much different than this photo! 
Old Circulation Desk, 1994

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