Thursday, February 25, 2016

UW- Eau Claire Student Voter FAQs

Need help navigating the voting process? Check out this list of frequently asked questions or stop by the Research Center on the first floor of McIntyre to talk to a Reference Librarian!

Where can I register?
You can register at the polls or in advance at the city hall of your ward’s city, with volunteers at a voter registration drive, or with a librarian at McIntyre Library 8am - 5pm weekdays during approved registration weeks. See the Research Center on the first floor for more details.

What is my ward number? Where is my polling place?
             During local, state, and national elections, UW-Eau Claire is the vote site for Wards 20 and 24 of the city of Eau Claire: students living in the upper campus residence halls reside in Ward 20, students living in the lower campus residence halls reside in Ward 24. 
     Students living off campus can check the city of Eau Claire website to determine their wards and polling locations:
     You can also look up your voter registration status and polling location by home address at:

What if I don’t have a WI driver’s license? Where can I get an alternate photo ID?
        Students can also use other forms of ID like a United States passport or an approved Student Voter ID from the University.

        Blugold cards do not meet the criteria to function as an acceptable ID because they do not have an expiration date. UW- Eau Claire students who do not have another acceptable photo ID can get an approved Student Voter ID from the Blugold card office on the first floor of the Davies Center.

There is an e-file form where you can request an ID to be made for you, or you can stop by their office in person:

  •         To request a card go to
  •      Login with your UWEC information
  •     Choose “Start New Form"
  •     Select “University Centers” from the pull down menu
  •     Select “Blugold Card Services – Request a Card” and then select the type of card you want to have printed and follow the instructions

What else do I need to bring to the polls?
     If you do not have a Wisconsin Driver’s License with your school current address on it, you will also need to bring a document that shows your proof of residency. If the address on your Wisconsin Driver’s license does not match your current address, you will also need to bring a document that shows your proof of residency at that address. This includes documents like:

  •           A residential lease which is effective for a period that includes Election Day
  •      A utility bill (anything but garbage/recycling bills)
  •      A bank statement – printed from the internet is fine (but not a credit card statement)
  •           A paycheck (but not a personal check)

The university also provides a proof of residency/enrollment form on BlugoldCampS

Where do I get a University proof of residency / proof of enrollment form?
     To find the residency/enrollment form go to BlugoldCampuS and click Student Center from the drop down menu. On the Student Center page under academics, there is a drop down menu titled “Other academic…” and the link to the Voter Verification Form is second to last on that menu. Clicking the Voter Verification Form link will create a PDF page that states your campus or local address and your enrollment status for the semester.

What do I do if I live at the Priory?
      The Priory is located in the town of Washington, so students at the Priory will need to contact their voter registration office:

For more information, contact the Research Center in McIntyre Library at (715) 836-3858 or visit:

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