Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Feast for Your Eyes in McIntyre Library

By Shannon Swodzinski, as a writing project for CJ 477

Tired of seeing the construction on campus? McIntyre Library is featuring three Blugolds’ sculptures throughout the building for students to enjoy. Renee Ewer, Alexander Graham and Mai Lou Yang created sculptures for Professor Cedar Marie’s Art 365: Site-Specific Art class in a different area of the library in an “artistic and creative way.”

The students were given various sites to work with and each chose one for their final sculptures. After the preliminary models were completed by the three students, they presented their pieces to Interim Library Director Jill Markgraf and Program Associate Trista Anderson to approve the final large-scale sculptures.

The final sculptures are now available to view on different floors of the McIntyre Library and include the following items, a chair, paper cranes, and paper flowers. Renee Ewer created a chair that resembles a tree stump, but still has the comfortable qualities of a recliner. Ewer wanted to construct a sculpture that the viewer could interact with on a “tangible and mental level.” Alexander Graham entitled his sculpture of 60 paper cranes, “Paper Wishes,” with each crane containing a wish written on it that he collected from the public. A Japanese myth inspired Graham for this artwork and it can be seen hanging in the stairwell of the library. Lastly, Mai Lou Yang created a wall piece which includes various sizes of white and blue flowers. With finals just around the corner, Yang wanted to bring a “calming presence” to the library to help other students relax during the end of the semester.

All of these sculptures are available for viewing throughout McIntyre Library, but if you don’t have a chance to see it in person, you can visit the library’s Facebook page to see the students with their artwork.

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