Friday, March 16, 2007

Plasma Screens Installed

Over break, two large plasma screens acquired form the College of Business will be installed: one right outside the library in the Grand Corridor to the left of the metal gates, and another to the left of the New Book Shelf. Both screens will currently be used to notify students about events, new products and services, library construction or changes, to share research tips, etc. Eventually we plan to use the screen near the New Book Shelf as an interactive floor map, so you will be able to find the room or area of the library you are loking for more easily.


Anonymous said...

Hoooooray for more useless plasma screens that NOBODY looks at! I suppose that SSS purchased new ones to replace these too?

Anonymous said...

So true. Who looks at those things anyways?

Anonymous said...

Very useless. I suppose the map one would be ok, but it could have been done just as easily without the fancy plasma screens. Nobody takes the time to look at them, why waste our money on them?