Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thanks to all who made Last Call--games, mini-golf, a success

Reference Rex, the library's unofficial mascot, practices putting to prepare for mini-golf at the library's
Day/time: Thursday, September 2, 9 p.m. to midnight.
Event: Experience the library as you never have before. Free pizza and popcorn, a 9-hole mini golf course throughout the library, lots of games, and way more fun than you ever expected to have in the library. If you like poker, PS2, N64, board games, life-size Clue, and much more, show up for the food and fun.

Location: McIntyre Library.

Sponsors: McIntyre Library, Sodexho, Toppers Pizza, Action City.

Contact: Eric Jennings for more info. (jenninge)

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Anonymous said...

This was pretty sweet! Too bad I have a long day tomorrow so I had to leave early. Pictionary was HILARIOUS! The mini golf was a lot of fun! And the Life-Size Clue?!? More please! Maybe pop in a movie? Like "Clue" or something too? That would go well with the popcorn! And the FREE PIZZA made having to go back to class a lot better. I'm definitely spreading the word and hopefully more can join the fun next year! Thanks for doing this! :)