Friday, August 27, 2010

Library homepage gets makeover

Check out the new look on the Library homepage. Designed to bring more search options to the forefront and better reflect current web standards, the page emphasizes a multi-featured search box that easily lets you search for articles, books, media and more. Have a look and please let us know if you have questions or comments about this redesign.


Crystal said...

The new website is so beautiful! Well done.

Anonymous said...

This revision-in-progress seems promising, but is it possible to link to ADVANCED search functions on the homepage? What you've got here now seems too basic for an efficient start for a search, and might discourage people by swamping them with much irrelevant material.

Thanks for considering this potential improvement!

Bryan Vogh said...

Thank you for your feedback. The items listed under the -- OR -- in each tab on the home page were selected with the advanced user in mind. The links take you into the interface for the services without doing a search. This both provides ready access to the advanced interfaces via the links and allows one to pick and choose the advanced features that best suit ones searching needs.