Friday, March 02, 2012

New Water Bottle Filling Station(s)

Natalie tests the new


Thanks to the Student Senate Office of Sustainability for funding the installation of 2 water bottle filling stations in McIntyre Library. The first station is located near the 1st floor restrooms. The second station has been installed and is located on 3rd floor, near the elevators.

Since the first station was installed on February 28, 819 bottles have been filled. The 3rd floor station was installed March 7, and has already filled 473 plastic bottles.

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Rob Feckler said...

It would be good news for people who go to McIntyre Library, especially for students who usually visit there to do their research and assignments. They can just bring a bottle with them and fill it up in the water station if they get thirsty inside the library. I hope the Student Senate Office for Sustainability would install water filling station on all public libraries and parks.