Thursday, March 29, 2012

National Poetry Month at McIntyre Library

April is National Poetry Month! UW-Eau Claire students in Assistant Professor Melissa Girard's English 348 (Topics in American Literature), are celebrating National Poetry Month with the McIntyre Library.

Starting on Monday, April 2, the library blog will feature a poem selected by a student in English 348. In addition to reading the poem for yourself, you'll be able to read a few words from the student who selected the poem. A new poem will appear every weekday in April.

UW-Eau Claire's celebration of National Poetry Month is on Facebook and Twitter!

Poems selected by students in English 348:

Monday, April 2nd: "Dreams" by Langston Hughes and selected by Mary Gillis.
Tuesday, April 3rd: "I'm nobody! Who are you?" by Emily Dickinson and selected by Kaitlyn Johnson. Read.
Wednesday, April 4th: "So you want to be a writer?" by Charles Bukowski and selected by Sebastian Armendariz.
Thursday, April 5th: "We Wear the Mask," by Paul Laurence Dunbar and selected by Alicia Homan.
Friday, April 6th: "Hug o' War," by Shel Silverstein and selected by Anthony Letourneau.
Monday, April 9th: "i shall imagine life (72)," by e.e. cummings and selected by Rachel Tiede.
Tuesday, April 10th: "If You Forget Me" (or, "Si tĂș me olvidas"), by Pablo Neruda and selected by Sarah Knutson.
Wednesday, April 11th: "The Road Not Taken," by Robert Frost and selected by Sung Yeon Jo.
Thursday, April 12th: "A Dream Within a Dream," by Edgard Allen Poe and selected by Katie Cary.
Friday, April 13th: "Phenomenal Woman," by Maya Angelou and selected by Kelsey Quist.
Monday, April 16th: "Poetry Readings," by Charles Bukowski and selected by Amanda Boehm.
Tuesday, April 17th: "Bringing My Son to the Police Station to be Fingerprinted," by Shoshauna Shy and selected by Lauren Krauth.
Wednesday, April 18th: "Invictus," by William Ernest Henley and selected by Jennifer Mackenzie.
Thursday, April 19th: "I saw a man pursuing the horizon," by Stephen Crane and selected by Allison Lutz.
Friday, April 20th: "Howl," by Allen Ginsberg and selected by Carly Hanson.
Monday, April 23st: "The Pitcher," by Robert Francis and selected by Sae Rom Park.
Tuesday, April 24th: "El Dorado," by Edgard Allen Poe and selected by Ahren Jensch.
Wednesday, April 25th: "The Garden," by Shel Silverstein and selected by Alaina Sullivan.
Thursday, April 26th: "Stopping by woods on a snowy evening," by Robert Frost and selected by Lacey Bast.
Friday, April 27th: "There will come soft rains," by Sara Teasdale and selected by Joseph Davies.
Monday, April 30th: "Still I Rise," by Maya Angelou and selected by Lisa Karnish.

Questions or comments? Robin Miller will try to help.

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