Monday, September 16, 2013

Library Tours from September 9 through October 4

McIntyre Library Tours

Beginning on Monday, September 9 and ending on Friday, October 4, Library faculty and staff will conduct 30-minute McIntyre Library building tours, briefly describing services, assistance, and collections. Tour times are varied (see schedule following) and designed to meet the needs of a variety of students. While the tours are student-focused, we welcome others. No need to register--just meet at the times below in the Grand Corridor.

Tours answer questions such as:
·         Where are magazines (or journals, books, DVDs, electronic articles, government documents, current newspapers, rare books, etc.)?
·         What are the library hours?
·         Where do I check out materials? How long may I keep them? How are books arranged?
·         How do students reserve a group study room or check out a laptop or camera?
·         How do I ask for help? (Chat, email, phone, text, and in person.)
·         Does the library have scanners and photocopiers?
·         Is there really an exercise room in the library?
·         What's new in the library and on our web pages?

Tour schedule:
Tours will be conducted beginning on Monday, September 9 and ending on Friday, October 4.
·         Mondays at 5:00 pm                      
·         Tuesdays at 3 pm                                            
·         Wednesdays at 10 am                   
·         Thursdays at noon                          
·         No tours on Fridays

For more information about the tours, call the Reference Desk at 715-836-3858 or e-mail To schedule a library instruction session, contact your library liaison or use our online form

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