Monday, October 14, 2013

Entrance to Library from Campus Mall Open!

10/31/13, 9:15 am
 The library's campus mall entrance is now OPEN!!!

The library's mall entrance will be closed starting on October 16 while it is resurfaced.  This process should take the entire week.

To enter the library, please use the riverside entrance or enter through Schofield/Old Library.

This blog post will be updated when the project is complete.

*Update* 10/15/13, 10:43 am
The project has been delayed by inclement weather.  Expect the resurfacing to start on 10/16 or whenever the weather is better.

10/16/13, 9 am
We're still waiting on better weather for the project to start.  We'll notify you when the project is up and running.

10/16/13, 1:20 pm
The library campus mall entrance is now closed for resurfacing.

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